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                                                                                             The Magic of Tony Lera

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                         Grade 1 Sen. Camb..Camb. Un.                               Several pictures for 

                          St.Mary's Coll.,PoS,Trinidad                                   sale.

                          BA Univ. of Toronto, Econ.                                                                 

                          Cert. in Basic Prog. ICS

                          Cert. in Invest. Studies ,ON                                   Related Page 4      

                           CMA        fourth level                                          A Military Museum

                           IMA/ Regis. member



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                           This site is dedicated to                                        The Pfwss is raising

                           Mr. Jason Griffith for his                                        far a building project

                           contribution to Sailor Maas                                    via a variety concert.

                           and Dance.                                                          You can donate.

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                           btangkong@rogers.com                                           www.triniview.com/jason-griffith





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